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The Great Smoky Mountain Lumberjack Feud Show in Pigeon Forge

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The Mountain Jacks

With deep roots in the world of bluegrass, the four members of the Mountain Jacks bring their talent and energy to the Lumberjack Feud arena in a  pre-show concert.
Enjoy the music of the Smoky Mountains as the award winning musicians of the Mountain Jacks entertain you with a hilarious, energetic and engaging stage presence that is only outdone by their stunning musical talent. Get the goose bumps as they belt out everything from folk songs to gospel and then roar with laughter as they get you feudin’ with your neighbors, riled up and ready for your lumberjack competition! 
Here at Lumberjack Feud you get two amazing shows for the price of one!


Meet The Mountain Jacks


Jake Jones of the Mountain Jacks




The newest member of the Mountain Jacks, Jake Jones is from Slyva, North Carolina. He grew up learning how to play the banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and bass. He’s traveled all over the southeast playing with banjo legend Raymond Fairchild, and also performed on the TV show Moonshiners. He joined the Feud because of the of the tight knit family like atmosphere, and the chance for a new and exciting experience.



Mountain Jack - Joe Sharp

Mountain Jack – Joe Sharp

Joe Sharp grew up playing bluegrass alongside his family. His over 40 years of experience has taken him all over the world of bluegrass playing in various bands and venues across the country and here in Pigeon Forge. He played at Dollywood for over 20 years and is an integral part of this community and the culture of Tennessee bluegrass. His favorite part of working with the Mountain Jacks is the amount of talent and the level of professionalism shared among the group.







Mountain Jack -Bo Issac

Mountain Jack -Bo Issac

Bo Isaac has had a guitar in his hand since he was five years old. He began his musical career in the Kentucky Opry, and transitioned into touring with two more national bluegrass bands. Although most of the music he grew up playing was country music, his heart always longed to play bluegrass. His time on the road taught him about the genre and the art of entertaining an audience. Along with being a touring musician, Bo has made albums with his own bands and played all around venues here in Pigeon Forge. He brings his outgoing personality to the show as a true star of the stage.







Mountain Jack - Chris Monk

Mountain Jack – Chris Monk

Chris Monk was forced to the listen to his father’s radio blaring every morning, and he grew up hating bluegrass. But despite his irritation with the genre, his fascination with the banjo could not be resisted. After his ninth grade agriculture teacher offered to teach him how to play, his parents bought him his first banjo and Chris hasn’t set the instrument down since. He’s spent the past several years playing bluegrass festivals and various venues in the area and is enjoying the challenge of performing in a theater setting.







The Making of The Mountain Jacks  

The Lumberjack Feud presents our bluegrass band The Mountain Jacks! Composed of award winning musicians with deep roots in bluegrass, this one of a kind group creates a pre-show experience unlike any other.
Below, we share the story of how the band came to be: