Why Our Lumberjack Feud is One of the Best Competition Shows in Pigeon Forge

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July 12, 2021

When you travel to the Smokies, you’ll be met with all kinds of competition shows! Whether it’s family versus family, North versus South or team against team, there are tons of shows with family friendly competitions. When you come see our show, you’ll get to see lumberjack face off against lumberjack to determine who’s most worthy of the axe! Here is why our Lumberjack Feud is one of the best competition shows in Pigeon Forge:

1. Real Lumberjacks, Real Competition

log roll

2. Amazing Events

We offer a wide variety of amazing events that’ll have you on the edge of your seat the whole time! From classic lumberjack competitions like the Axe Throw and the Double Buck, to thrilling events like the Speed Climb and Springboard Chop, you’ll love watching our lumberjacks and lumberjills crush the competition. Towards the end of our show, watch as the lumberjacks take to the water to compete in the Boom Run and Log Roll. These fan favorite events are always incredibly fun to watch! Cheer on your lumberjack as they try their best to stay dry and sink the competition!

3. Audience Participation

kid participation

4. You Can Try the Competition Yourself

If you like what you see in the show, give it a try for yourself at our Adventure Park. You’ll hardly find another show in Pigeon Forge that allows you to get in on the fun like our show and Adventure Park do! Try out competitions like the Log Roll or Speed Climb with your own family and see who comes out on top. After you try out all of the Loggersports, check out the High Woodsman Challenge, Timber Towers and the Flying Ox.

Now that you have a better idea of why our Lumberjack Feud is one of the best competition shows in Pigeon Forge, you can start planning your trip to see us! Learn more about our show and purchase your tickets today! We look forward to seeing you!