What Makes Our Show in Pigeon Forge Exciting to Watch

February 14, 2022

If you’ve never seen Lumberjack Feud, you may be wondering what makes our show stand out. Not only do we have the only outdoor theater in Pigeon Forge, we also have the most thrilling one to watch! So what makes our show in Pigeon Forge the best one to see? Keep reading to find out what separates us from the competition:

The Competition

axe throw

One of the aspects that separates Lumberjack Feud from other shows in the area is the competitive spirit that is tied into our show. There are two lumberjack families, the Dawsons and the McGraws, and they are competing to see who’s family has the very best lumberjacks in the Smoky Mountains. Our rowdy host may not take sides but is good at riling up the audience, lumberjacks, and lumberjills to get that competitive spirit going! To make the competition even more fun, the audience is split down the middle to root for their family and encouraged to heckle the opposing family.

Audience Participation

The competition isn’t the only thing that makes our show in Pigeon Forge fun and exciting. The audience participation also makes things more fun! In other shows, you only get to watch as an audience member, but in our show, you’re a part of the Dawson or McGraw family! Everyone will get to yell “YO HO,” throughout the show to get the lumberjacks pumped before their event. In order to keep up with which family is winning, the athletes will hand out Lumberjack Cookies, a dinner plate-sized wood round that is stamped with our logo and the athletes’ autographs. Everyone in the audience whoops and hollers, and the most excited fan on the winning family’s side gets to go home with one of these cookies! While just watching the show can be exciting in itself, getting to participate in the show makes it even more fun!

Thrilling Events

Of course, we can’t talk about what makes our show in Pigeon Forge exciting without mentioning some of the events! That’s why you want to see our show in the first place, because where else can you see real athletes compete in dangerous and thrilling events in the Smoky Mountains quite like this?

springboard chop

The Springboard Chop is one of the most difficult and dangerous events the lumberjacks compete in. The lumberjacks must chop two pockets in a 9-foot-tall tree, set their boards into the pockets, and chop a 10-inch block with a 7-pound, razor-sharp axe, all while maintaining their balance 9 feet off the ground.

Another event that will have you on the edge of your seat is the Speed Climb. Watch as two lumberjacks race to the top of the 60-foot-tall spar poles, and the race isn’t over until they come slamming down on the crash pads below.

Some of the most popular events involve the sawmill pond in the middle of the stage, and they are the most exhilarating to watch. The Boom Run has the lumberjacks running from one end of the pond to the other on a series of logs, and the more times they run across, the more difficult it is to remain dry. Plus, the Log Roll is one of the most anticipated events since two lumberjacks are on the same log, battling to take control and knock their opponent into the water. You never know who’s going for a swim in the pond!

Our show in Pigeon Forge is the best one to watch if you want to be thrilled during the entire competition. You’ll be holding your breath as you watch world-class athletes compete for your family! Can’t wait to experience this one-of-a-kind show on your next trip? Book your tickets today for your next trip to Pigeon Forge!